Envision Lesson 12-1

                   IXL skill U10  




  * i-Ready Reading Lesson- I assigned a lesson

  *  IXL skill A.2 Determine the main idea of the passage 23G


  *IXL I.3 Use evidence to classify mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Social Studies:

  * IXL H.7 Identify the states of the southeast

  * IXL H.8 Select the states of the southeast

  * IXL H.9 Name the states of the southeast


Reading Log

You can print or copy this on a piece of paper.  You can email or take a picture and send it through Remind each Monday

Current Assignments

Notes for April 20th

Here are where the most current notes will be posted.

Notes from 4/27

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