An exciting new learning program that will help scholars is math, language arts, science and social studies

Scholars will need to complete a lesson in both reading and math.  Lessons are tailored to your scholar's individual needs.

Use this link to access math assignments that I have assigned to scholars.  

Scholars can complete different quizzes to help them in math, language arts, science, and grammar. 

This link will lead you to my study sets.  Learn the words and their definitions.  They will help you!

This site will help you to practice learning the states and their capitals.  Click on the American flag when you get to the home page.

Here is a link to complete Prodigy lessons.  Let me know if you need your user name.

This link will lead you to a resource where you can look up the meaning of a word.  Make sure to paraphrase (use your own words).  You can also find synonyms and antonyms of a word

Worksheets You May Need